Ivana Knežević

Ivana Knežević


Ivana Knežević was born on 23 September 1983 in Čačak. She graduated in Graphic Design at the Art School in Niš and after that she graduated in the same city in Interior Design from the Faculty of Humanities. In the course of her university studies, Ivana had a good cooperation with her professors and colleagues from the department of textile design so she did a parallel study of techniques of both textile design and textile painting. She lives and works in Čačak and she is occupied in pedagogical work in the field of pedagogy in art education. Ivana often collaborates with the city cultural institutions and arranges art workshops for children.

Her approach to design and painting is rather wide and eclectic. Design and painting became the inseparable areas that she is interested in and that she is going to combine in her work. She decorates the ready to use items made of glass, textiles and metals by painting over them. Her spheres of interest are very wide, from the Classical painting to the contemporary expression. She deals with various mural techniques and mosaic. The media she uses to express herself are different. She works on canvas, mediapan, glass and uses materials like as plexiglass, wire, metal, styrofoam, wood, stone. The dimensions of her artwork are different and go from miniatures to large formats. She is one of the founders of the Association for Nursing Science and Creative Thinking "Klikeraši". She is the founder of the association CREATIVE BURROW and a member of the AAAADS (the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia).

Current concepts of the author`s work

Currently, she is in search for the colour and material in his work that are most convenient to show the changes and metamorphoses of the natural into the artificial and vice versa. She is experimenting with material and with transforming the two-dimensional into the three-dimensional. Ivana uses both natural and artificial materials: wood, wires, plexiglass. She’s got the concept to extend the cycle and increase the number of images of the same narrative. A landscape is an eternal inspiration for her, seen through a broken glass, with geometrization that helps her to find a stylized handwriting of a natural flow and movement. She introduces the light into the large format paintings as well the observer’s physical position relative to a work of art as a way to a new experience that artwork. A game of light, shadows and relief, matte and glossy surfaces unfolds on her works of art.

By the year 2020, she has participated in over forty group exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Solo exhibitions:

  • May 2019 Permanent setting of a part of the artist`s oeuvre at the premises of START UP Center in Čačak
  • March 2019 Cafe Moment, 41 Dr. Dragiša Mišović St., Čačak, Serbia
  • June-July 2018 Grocka Cultural Center, 9 Majevička St., Grocka, Serbia
  • April-May 2018 Exhibition (at two locations): Gastro bar 20/44, 40b Skadarska St. and Beti Ford, 2 Zetska St., Belgrade, Serbia
  • March-April 2018 Meander Gallery, Apatin, Serbia
  • March 2018 Memorial Gallery "Dušan Starčević", Smederevska Palanka, Serbia
  • January-February 2018 Art Salon of the House of Culture, Čačak, Serbia
  • December 2017 Night Gallery "Friday", Belgrade, Serbia
  • October 2017 AAAV Art Gallery "Naša Galerija", Vrbas, Serbia
  • February 2010 Painting Exhibition - combined technique, Hall of cinema "Prague" Čačak, Serbia
  • April 2009 Painting and pastel exhibition, Gallery "Brod" Niš, Serbia
  • October 2007 Painting exhibition at the primary school "Ivo Andrić" Pranjani - Serbia