(a colourful world of imagination and inspiration)

The work with children at workshops is conceived as a big fun adventure as much for the children as for the painter. Its participants explore their artistic sensitivity and creativity in the first place, then get slowly acquainted with various materials and work techniques. They experiment freely and explore the media they can play best with and then make some small art pieces out of them. The young creators learn, think, and verbally defend their concepts and accomplished work on this subject. The workshop itself is not designed as a place where only talented individuals would meet and gather, it is a place of the fusion of ideas and energy, too. The attendees, in a fun way and through constructive drawing learn its principles and modify their own drawing, they play with colours, reflect on recycling, redesigning and designing, they animate their drawings and design some small comics.

The workshop cooperates with kindergartens, cultural institutions, galleries and museums. In this way, the members get some basic knowledge about how to behave in a gallery. With the constant impetus for intellectual upgrading and perfecting, the results are coming in a spontaneous manner in the form of artworks that are made, of consolidating of attitudes related to works of art and other ones and of nurturing good taste.